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This is my superblog – my blog of blogs – which incorporates material from my previous blogs. It brings together articles published in my old blogs – Leicesterprise and Trevor’s Music Blog and Arts in Leicester magazine. This blog is where I now publish new material that I have written on general subjects. For an alphabetical list of topics and titles go to the contents page. Or go to the listing based on subject.

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18th May 2017

Profiling characters in films

As part of my course work for Introduction to Script Writing, run by East Anglia University, I have written a profile for Riffkid, the main character in my story ‘The Trench.’

Read my character profile.

12th May 2017

Changing the way we think about housing

In today’s article I argue that we should change the way we think about housing by stopping using that word; replacing it with the word ‘homeing.’

Rewording housing.

9th May 2017

Writing about music

I have updated my page that lists some of the articles I have written about bands, gigs and venues.

Go to that page and see the list.

27th April 2017

How we date the past

I talk about the problems we face when dating past events in history and issues to do with one particular date:  1066.

20th April 2017

The Artist

Wizard by Michael Barker

I look at the work of the Leicester artist, sculptor and painter, Michael Barker.

3rd March 2017

Why is this country so bad at dealing with its housing crisis? In this article I argue that we have failed to deal with our housing problems because we have not learned how to be innovative.

Innovation in housing.

11th February 2017

Climbing the family tree

Genealogy fascinates me. For many, many years I have been researching my ancestors, digging up dead relatives, spending countless hours on websites looking for lost cousins, pushing out along the branches in search of people I never knew existed; it all appeals to my sense of history.

I have gone back as far as the databases will all allow; to the late 18th century. I found several generations of the Locke family; nearly all of them lived in the English county of Hampshire. Simple folk who lived by their hands, craftsmen and artisans, they were typical of the people who populated villages at that time, in the South of England.

I have written up my findings in a blog – well, I would, wouldn’t I?

If you like such stuff you can see it at Locke Family Tree.

How did language influence the evolution of mankind?

Read my feature article on the role played by language in the evolution of human species.

A new year. What’s new for 2017?

Welcome to 2017

A new list of my writings ordered by subject

10th October


I write about being homeless; why it is a problem; and how our concept of ‘a home’ relates to what government does or fails to do to tackle the crisis in housing.

Read my article on Homelessness

5th September 2016

I announce the closure of Arts in Leicester magazine

I explain my reasons for closing the magazine I edit about the Arts in Leicester.

7th August 2016

Brain size, language and evolution

I have published the first in a series of articles dealing with the role played by language in human evolution. This article looks at the size of human brains and explores if this can tell us anything about how human species evolved the ability to speak a language.

Read my article Size does not matter

12th July

Work in progress

I have now completed the final drafts of my two novels, the working titles of which are Holiday and The Trench; I am now ready to send these out to readers in the hope of some reactions and feedback.

After that, it is time to send manuscripts to literary agents.

Other work in progress:  I continue to edit my magnum opus The History of Music in Leicester. I am editing the hugely long ‘compendium of gig reviews’ to get it down to a manageable size. This brings together everything that was published in the old ‘Arts in Leicester’ magazine and provides a comprehensive account of popular music in Leicester from around 2005 onwards.

25th June


Up to the 23rd June when the EU referendum actually took place, I wrote an article which looked at the progress of the campaign and analysed a variety of issues.

Read my Referendum blog and diary

I will be writing more about Britain and Europe now we know what the result was – Brexit.

17th June 2016

Writing about music

I have been writing about popular and classical music for some years now.  Here are a few of the articles that appear in this blog:

What makes a good band?

Writing about music: choices and consequences

What makes a good live music scene?

Here is a list of all my articles about music

18th May 2016

LCFC victory celebrations – analysis and study

Today I launch a new article – a study and analysis of the celebrations that took place in Leicester on 16th May to mark the football team’s winning the Premier League trophy.

Read my LCFC victory celebrations analysis.

15th April 2016

Having published the whole of my book about housing policy I have now added a post giving news, and information updates on housing and policy.

Housing: approaches to policy.

My new book – about housing policy – has been published in five installments. all of these are now available on this blog.

Read the contents for this book.

The first part of the series is available now.

The second part of the series has been published.

The third part looks at the need for joined-up policies.

The fourth part looks at  providing better housing stock.

The fifth part look at the future of housing.

Housing policy – announcement.

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