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27th September 2017

I write about my poetry. I spent a weeking working on my poems and found it a very valuable experience.

Read more about writing poetry.

11th February 2017

Climbing the family tree

Genealogy fascinates me. For many, many years I have been researching my ancestors, digging up dead relatives, spending countless hours on websites looking for lost cousins, pushing out along the branches in search of people I never knew existed; it all appeals to my sense of history.

I have gone back as far as the databases will all allow; to the late 18th century. I found several generations of the Locke family; nearly all of them lived in the English county of Hampshire. Simple folk who lived by their hands, craftsmen and artisans, they were typical of the people who populated villages at that time, in the South of England.

I have written up my findings in a blog – well, I would, wouldn’t I?

If you like such stuff you can see it at Locke Family Tree.

Oh yes, and, unlike this blog, it has pictures.

Doris as a dancer in 1934
My mother (bottom left) as a dancer in 1934.

12th October 2016

Transport policy issues

I write about the policy issues facing town planners as they wrestle with the problems facing transport and car use.

1st September 2016

New arts magazine

Culture, arts and entertainment are the focus of a new magazine for the city of Leicester. Printed on paper it is also available online.

Great Central magazine – click to go there.

27th August 2016

City of Festivals

Leicester’s streets were once again filled with dancers and singers.

6th August 2016

Lesta Festa

Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2016
Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2016

Our Day Out

We joined the audience at Curve for the co-production of Willy Russell’s musical Our Day Out, performed by students from De Montfort University.

Music education

Loughborough Endowed Schools

I was given a rare glimpse behind the scenes of one of the county’s prestigious music schools


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