Working with the web-o-sphere

The world of the Internet is constantly changing

I started to use the Internet shortly after it became widely available in the UK.  Since then it has changed a lot and keeps changing all the time.

Who would have thought that Facebook would have become so popular? Who would have thought that smart phones would begin to replace desk top computers as the main instrument to connect to the ‘net?

These changes keep us on our toes. We have to understand what is happening in the web-o-sphere; the growth of social media offers a wide range of opportunities. There are also several ‘threats’ posed by the changes taking place and I have already written about web sites becoming redundant.

Those who use the Internet for business purposes need to be aware of the opportunities.  Enterprise is largely about seizing opportunities.  so, if your business does not have a page on Facebook, you are missing opportunities to make contact with new customers.   If you do not use Twitter, you are missing opportunities to push your message out to people.

All of these facilities now exist on the Internet but they will work for you if and only if you use them regularly. I appreciate I am writing for myself but I guess we are all in the same boat. Running a business is a complicated activity that requires a good deal of dedication and considerable agility with personal time management.

If you have a blog, you should go on it and post at least once a month. If your blog is simply one of a number of on-line facilities that you use, then monthly updates are a must do line in your calendar.  If your blog is your main outlet, then it’s either a daily or at least weekly duty.

Tweeting is fine if you have several hundred highly relevant followers. If your  Twittersphere includes less than 50 high relevance people, then your main job should be trying to get more quality followers. It matter not how many people you follow, What matters is who is going to read your tweets.

If you have set up a business page on Facebook, you need to go on it regularly.  How regularly will depend on how many people are seeing it. There is little point in writing daily postings if no one is reading them. The world of social media is all about audience.

Without an audience you are performing to an empty room. Like a singer or band,  you have to go out there and win fans. In the business world, it is also about the quality of the fans you attract. That means finding people who are likely to buy from you.  There is something to be said for being a familiar face in the market place. When your name pops up all over the place, people become familiar with your name or brand. That increases consumer confidence.

I could write all day along these lines but I have a long ‘to do’ list to get through.  If you would like to attend a workshop on using the Internet for business, drop me a message on my Facebook page.

If I have events coming up I can tell you about them;  alternatively if you come with a few other people, I can do a workshop – just for you.

[My business – B2B Web – closed in 2016 when I retired.]

Training Workshops

10th March 2014

This is an archive post; it is not current; it’s here for the record.

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ArtsIn Productions offers training workshops

Leicester social enterprise ArtsIn Productions offers workshops aimed at writers and journalists.

Lead by magazine editor Trevor Locke, the workshops cover the skills required for writing for the media, editing and styles.  Participants are given handouts and also have access to online resources that help them with their writing work.

These workshops come in two levels:  introductory for those who are new to journalism and intermediate, aimed at those with some experience who wish to increase their technical knowledge of editing and writing for the media.

These workshops are available to organisations or groups that would like to participate in them.  There are no set dates.  We can provide according to your requirements.

If you would like us to put on one of these workshops for your staff group, please contact us.  Prospectus are available by email.

Contact us to make an enquiry

Why I love web design training

Today I started training a new client in web design. My trainee has opted for a course of 12 sessions, going through what I call the starter package for new web designers and has opted to make a real web site as part of the course.

I really enjoy doing training. I have over 12 years experience of teaching web design and this is part of my work that has been very successful and which I enjoy the most.

Most trainees opt for a session of 2 hours and usually do one session per week. All training (or “coaching” as I sometimes call it) is one to one and hands-on. I have worked in classroom and small group settings, training in web design but I like the personal challenges that come with face to face coaching.

I teach professional web design and very often this is for people who want to become web designers as part of their career path. My curriculum is based on professional experience and includes much that is left out by academic courses taught by those who are not jobbing web designers. You cannot learn modern practice from a curriculum manual that was edited some time ago but for many accreditation bodies, this is what happens.

To do this work well you have to be up to date with current practice. That is constantly changing. The whole world of website design has changed a lot, mainly due to the impact of Web 2 and social networking sites. Also, in the UK at least, most people are now using Broadband and this has introduced a layer of multi-media content that has radically changed what you can include as content on a site.

I write my own courses and have done for some time. I have course curriculums that I have made up myself to fit with commissions and contracts. Some of my courses are unique and I think I am good a designing courses and all the support materials that go with them. I charge very competitive rates, given that grant aid or funding for this is now extremely difficult to get.

My business – B2B Web Consultants – closed in 2016 when I retired.